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Scrap the Scrappage Scheme

December 14, 2009

What is the point of bringing in an incentive to buy new cars, even if the cars are energy-efficient?

True, it is happening in Britain, France and Germany and it is successful there.  But there is one big difference between these countries and Ireland.

Britain, France and Germany have car manufacturing industries.  Ireland doesn’t.  Every car that is bought in Ireland means that more money leaves the country.  A good idea?  I don’t think so.

Yes, a lot of money goes to the government (VAT and VRT). Yes, there will be more people working in the car showrooms and more PAYE for the government.  But the people who benefit the most are the car manufacturers, none of which are in Ireland.  Therefore our imports increase.

Whatever happened to the measurement that was known as the Balance of Payments?  Where is it gone?  Bring it back!

By bringing in the scrappage scheme the government is returning to its old ways, the ways that brought us to our knees financially.

The logical next step!  Encourage the public to go out and borrow more from the banks in order to buy these imported cars!! I don’t think so.

If you borrow, make sure you borrow from an Irish bank!  You’ll be contributing in two ways – you won’t be sending more business overseas and you will be reducing our need, as a nation, to invest more in such banks.  Great!

Laura O’Toole

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